My ninety days

I just stumbled upon this blog entry and the first thought that came to my mind was ‘I wish I would have read it 90 days ago’..

I started working for a new place just about 3 months ago as a software group leader. I kind of knew I’m going to make mistakes and, not surprisingly, I did. The toolbox of an engineering manager, as I see it, is the sum of all his experiences in the past (both technically and personally), and although a lesson learned from a personal experience is invaluable, the ‘tuition fee’ in these cases can be very high. So learning from other people’s experience is usually a much cheaper alternative – but you have to learn to watch, listen and actually learn.

Read that blog entry..

I thought I’d contribute one of my personal observations:

* When you’re joining a new team (especially as a manager), you’re not the only one trying to find his place and show his worth. Many of the team members will ‘overcompensate’ in the first period for various reasons – either they see this change as an opportunity or a threat. Take this into consideration, and take the first impression with a grain of salt. Revisit your impressions after you’ve settled in, and at least from my experience, there are surprises (for the better and worse).

What is Cloneable?

The origin of the name comes from Java’s Cloneable interface which means that, if a class implements the Cloneable interface it is an indication for the Object.clone() method that it is legal to make a field-for-field copy of instances of that class. I won’t get into the details (maybe later..), but basically this blog follows the same rule – copy if you wish to..

I tried to think about what to write in a public Blog (it’s a little intimidating – everything you write is out there for everyone to read and criticize..), I have a few ideas like thoughts on books I read, cool things I find during my work (mostly Java related, but other software engineering stuff may occur) and general thoughts.

Let’s see how it goes..