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Engineering Managers Should Code 31% of Their Time

I think the saying shouldn’t be “Managers should code X% of their time”. That’s just a tabloid/provocative headline, and it’s about getting a higher CTR (I took it one step further, ha!)…
This is about what you base your leadership on.
Leadership can come from a lot of places:
  • You can be the most charismatic guy in the room.
  • You may have superior technical skills.
  • You can have awesome interpersonal skills and the ability to find what drives any other person.
  • You may have all the right answers and be great in prioritizing tasks.
  • Or very big balls…
In many cases, leadership is about a combination of the above (not limited to it, obviously).
What I strongly believe in, is that you can’t be a great leader and an excellent manager if there’s not a minimal amount of each ingredient.
  • If you don’t have any charisma – you’re a handicapped leader.
  • If you have no clue regarding the technology your team is using – you’re a handicapped manager.
  • If you lack interpersonal skills – you’re handicapped.
  • If you can’t say what’s right and what’s next – handicapped.
  • No guts? Handicapped…
Choose your strengths, make them stronger… but don’t ignore your weaknesses! No one wants to follow a handicapped leader (and with no followers, who will you lead?)