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Goals are a good thing. You feel motivated to pursue them, you feel satisfied when you reach them.
You probably heard about SMART goals. If not, here’s a good place to start:
For your yearly planning or retrospective, SMART goals are a good tool to use.
Here’s a thought I had: you owe yourself a BFG (patent pending, but inspiration comes from A Big Freaking Goal (I know, it’s not freaking originally, but I aim towards young readers as well…).
Anyone needs at least one BFG. You don’t want to have too many of those, as they’re big, barely achievable (if you tell to other people about your BFG, they might thing you’re crazy or disconnected or immature or over ambitious or, well, you get the point), but it’s your BFG.
Maybe an example or two would help here:

  • Climbing Mt. Everest.
  • Be a CEO of a successful company.
  • Build the next Facebook
  • Reinvent Shopping…
A good method to distinguish a BFG from your regular SMART goal is that it’s a goal that you can’t see what happens after you achieve it.
You can’t imagine yourself taking the next step beyond your BFG. It’s just that big.
But it’ll be something you wake up in the morning, anticipating, thinking what you can do today to take one more step towards your BFG. In my world, that’s a good thing…