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So, one of your employees think they have a great idea…

In a marketing book I once read (entitled Marketing Managment (2000), by Prof. Jacob Hornik and Prof. Phillip Kotler) there’s a chapter about introducing a change into an organization.

Besides discussing various ways to do that, the chapter also talks about the forces fighting the change, and brings a list of ‘common yet effective ways to fight change’, here it is:

Employee: “I have a great idea!”

Manager – quickly choose one or more of the following responses:

  • It will never work for this organization.
  • We tried it before.
  • This is not the right time.
  • It can’t be done.
  • We don’t work that way.
  • We’re doing great without this.
  • It’s too expensive.
  • Let’s discuss this in our next meeting.